Importance of physical activity in daily life

Importancia de la actividad física en la vida diaria

  Dra. Laura Flor Carrera

  Doctor – Physiatrist

sociedad ecuatoriana de aterosclerosis y endotelio

Physical activity should be a daily routine in every human being, from childhood, adolescence and adults, with an appropriate regime for their age group, but having clear goals physical exercises such as: improve glucose metabolism, lipid, maintain optimal levels of blood pressure and heart rate, all this will lead to a sense of wellbeing..


All programs always mention that the exercise routine must be at least 30 minutes three times a week, starting with brisk walking, which also can include the use of bicycles, treadmills, dancing, swimming, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator . This routine can progress to 45minutes and even up to 1 hour, four to five times a week.


Patients with cardiovascular disease should be evaluated and diagnosed efficiently and completely, with all tests required for appropriate therefore determine specific exercises for those.


The family plays an important role throughout the process of the exercise routine is much more pleasant and entertaining exercise in the company to obtain a state of healthy living. This can be achieved by setting goals to achieve the desired objectives.

sociedad ecuatoriana de aterosclerosis y endotelio

Exercise Plan

    • Stretching exercises: a level head, trunk, upper and lower limbs.


    • Active exercises: mobilize all joints starting from the cervical region (neck), shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles.


    • Resistance exercises: pull elastic bands and / or elastic cords, supported by wall or floor, with flexion and extension of both upper and lower limbs.


    • Start walking briskly for ten minutes for a week, increasing five minutes each week until you reach 30 or 45minutes, this march should be rhythmic.


    • Dancing, must begin with breathing exercises, do not jump, slide on the same plane.


    • Tai chi, yoga, pilates can always be done in a progressive manner and respecting the age of the person.


    • Just as with swimming hiking, starting ten minutes, then increase five minutes each week until you reach a routine 45min. It is advised in the water to stretch, walk hard, not fast, and then run the style (free, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke) desired.


    • No contact sports such as are recommended: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.
sociedad ecuatoriana de aterosclerosis y endotelio
Ecuadorian society of atherosclerosis and endothelium

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