Quitting smoking reduces cardiovascular risk in less than 15 years

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Smoking is the most preventable cause of premature death, “If you smoke, quit and better early.” Such confidence expressed it Ali Ahmed, principal investigator of a recent study by the University of Alabama (Birmingham) that unveiled to stop smoking cigarettes reduces the risk of heart disease faster than previous studies estimated.

In the United States, the number of premature deaths from smoking cigarettes and snuff smoke exposure is estimated at 440,000 deaths annually: about 40% of cancer, 35% for cardiovascular disease and stroke, and 25% for lung diseases.

In general, smokers are 2-4 times more likely than nonsmokers to develop heart disease. So Ali Ahmed study found that smokers, even those over 65, to leave the habit of snuff can decrease the risk of heart failure and death from coronary heart disease to the level of nonsmokers in less than 15 years.

It’s never too late

The researchers used the overall rate packages / year. To calculate the number of cigarettes per day (20) is multiplied by the number of years for smoking a persona. El study, in which 853 people who quit smoking for 15 years or less compared 2,557 people who never had smoked, he showed that older people who smoked fewer than 32 packs / year, that is, 3.2 packs a day for 10 years or one pack a day for 30 years – and stopped smoking for 15 years or less had decreased risks of developing or dying from heart failure, heart attack or stroke at the same level as those who had never smoked. Good news for those who think why leave it if it’s too late. Nope, still worth doing, and beat the pulse of health.

People who smoked fewer than 32 packs / year, but left the snuff after 15 years or more had a higher risk of dying from non-cardiovascular health, including cancer causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema. Former smokers who smoked more than 32 packs / year had a higher risk of dying from any health condition.

Always worth quitting

The benefits of quitting are numerous:

  • And find oppressive chest for more than 15 minutes, which radiates to the arms, especially the left pain. Pressing in the most painless.
  • Quitting smoking is far more important to control risk of coronary heart disease. If you smoke will not live longer and have less chance of developing heart disease, stroke, lung disease or cancer.
  • Recover normal levels of heart rate and blood pressure, abnormally high when smoked.
  • In just a few hours, it begins to decrease the level of carbon monoxide in your blood.
  • In a few weeks, your circulation will improve, you will produce not so much phlegm and not cough or wheezing episodes have so often.
  • After several months of quitting, you will notice that you breathe better. Also, you again have the sense of smell and taste, your digestive system will return to normal and will increase the years of life, if there were not enough reasons to quit smoking.

In addition, urine abnormalities, specifically proteinuria and hematuria, not previously noted in the review of other statin drug applications and not known to occur with this class, were observed sporadically in a small percentage of rosuvastatin-treated patients, with the highest incidence occurring at the 80-mg dose.”

¿Why is a bestseller?  One answer may be found in an editorial in The Lancet accusing the executive director of AstraZeneca having bowed to do anything just to persuade doctors to prescribe rosuvastatin, including the launch of a promotional campaign only 1,000 million during the first year. The editorial concludes that doctors should tell their patients the truth about rosuvastatin compared with its competitors which have less evidence base supporting its sure-use. AstraZeneca has forced their promotional machine too and it’s time to desist from an unprincipled campaign. After the uproar of the laboratory, later, in December 2004, the FDA sent a letter demanding that AstraZeneca immediately withdraw an ad in the Washington Post with false and misleading information about the risks of rosuvastatin. The announcement was responding to an article by Public Citizen against this medicine where shared security issues were discussed with the FDA. Rosuvastatin patent expires in 2016 and AstraZeneca need to promote it. But for the sake of public health we hope that the disadvantages of this drug cause a sharp drop in use in the coming years.

Colophon: the case of rosuvastatin is the living example of how marketing bends the will of many prescribers rather than evidence. With a pyrrhic record has sidoprofusamente criticized by the blogosphere homeland and whose evidence base is a clinical trial, the Jupiter, which bit dedicated a monograph that anyone interested in this estatinadebería know, rosuvastatin is, contrary to what one might wait a bestseller in our country, where the aim of LDL figures have served as an excuse to promote use of statins inadequate and in many cases opposed to the interests of patients. SSPA in the document that we reference in the intro criteria proper use of statins, among others, based on the best evidence currently available are shown. Among them, it is recommended to mention some objective reason sernunca figures which was endorsed by a randomized clinical trial. We do not know what impact all this in prescribing rosuvastatin. What we do know is that propaganda, sometimes crude and always deceptively in its many versions, is a worthwhile investment for any laboratory. And to address the emotions aroused, of little value wield the reasons. The painter Juan Gris that they prefer the excitement to the correct rules already said. In the art world, we see fit. In healthcare, has always found it reckless …

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